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30 Days

August 6th, 2012 Comments off

This is going to be an interesting 30 days.  I had been putting off sending the truck to paint because things have just been too busy for me to finish up the last things I needed to on the truck.  I did succeed in having the front end rebuilt using poly bushings, so it is less “boat like” now.  I also had a new tranny pan put in, the carb rebuilt, and some other misc stuff.  In the process I’ve learned that my transmission has some serious wear going on in it (the pan looked like I was smuggling gold dust) and that I really want new engine.  Also, I need to address the suspension.  But it runs fairly well now!

This whole time, Bo has been patiently waiting for me to get my shit together (thanks Bo!).  But as luck would have it, Bo has gotten a new project he wants to invest in and so is willing to take on the whole project for a very sweet deal.  He is going to complete ALL the remaining interior and body work for me.

He says he and his team can get it done in 30 days, which would be unbelievable.  I’m going to bring him the truck this week!

This is what will have to be completed:


  • Interior steering column painted
  • Foglight wires (from new bumper) hooked to the existing switch next to the steering column
  • AC vents and conduit installed
  • Dash installed (with new custom aluminum defrost vents)
  • Cluster cover installed
  • Wires run placed so they’ll be under carpet (one set of power and two stereo) for future stereo install
  • Heat shield installed
  • Sound deadener installed
  • Carpet installed
  • Door cards installed (on new doors)
  • New window crank handles installed  (already purchased)
  • Plastic interior cab trig installed (this will be a bitch and require trimming probably because of the new carpet and crappy rocker job
  • New chrome step trim installed (also going to be a bitch)



  • All metal work and body work done
  • Paint
  • New doors installed CORRECTLY SO THEY CLOSE RIGHT
  • Install all new seals and rubber in doors  (already purchased)
  • Install new door handles  (already purchased)
  • Install new door mirrors  (already purchased and installed on current doors)
  • Install new Silverado badges (already purchased and painted)
  • Install new cab trim (already purchased)
  • Install new bumpers with and hook up foglights from front bumper
  • Install grill
  • Install new wheel arch trim
  • Install hitch (not purchased)
  • Install diamond plate bed edge protectors (not purchased)
  • Cab mounts (already purchased)
  • Put in driver side fender (already purchased)
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