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Firewall Leak

February 8th, 2012

In prepping everything for carpet and interior paint, I discovered that I had a pretty nasty firewall leak.  The evaporator housing for the (non-existent) A/C is a two part box that is sealed against the firewall.  The seal connecting those two box sides had leaks in it, as did the seal between the box and the firewall.  Also, there were no grommets around the heater core hoses, which probably wasn’t helping.  Anyway, this is a HUGE pain because I now have to completely remove the evaporator housing which requires taking the inner fender off.  I have to remove a thick layer of some kind of gunk a PO used to from the box AND from the firewall.  I’m taking this opportunity to remove the evaporator and dry from the box, plug up all the holes, and paint it to try to clean things in the engine compartment up a bit.  I’m also going to install the new inner fender while I’m at it.  Oh, and also repair the battery tray which has some corrosion left over from the “boiling battery” incident.  I’ll be covering the battery tray in an epoxy to help prevent further corrosion in the future.



I executed the stated plans.  Honestly, the worst part was getting that goo off.  I took two cans of brake cleaner.  Looks much better now!  Also: no leaks!  3m Strip Caulk FTW.

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