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Ok, so a bit more than 30 days…

January 30th, 2013 1 comment

Yeah yeah yeah… I know.  I had said back at the beginning of august that pretty much everything would be done in 30 days.  But events transpired against that and things are a bit behind.    Bo’s schedule got pretty packed and he hans’t been able to get as far as he had hoped: but progress is begin made!  All the metal work has been done and it has been stripped, primed and blocked.  The doors are done, but not mounted or shot with a final coat.  The driver side fender has been shot and I have a pic of that (attached).  Looks fantastic!  The little spots of dust aren’t in the paint I’m pretty sure: I think that is from after it cured.  And if not, nothing a little wet sanding can’t cure.

The painter has done an outstanding job and he has worked hard to fit my truck in his schedule (which is crazy busy), and that means a lot.  After he is done with the paint, I will be tackling the interior stuff myself since it is just piddly stuff like carpet and whatnot.

Unfortunately, while it has been sitting there at the shop the transmission has decided to pee out all it’s fluid.  Time for that thing to go.  My buddy John has offered to volunteer himself and his dad (a seasoned mechanic and drag racer) to helping me build out a new engine.

Plans now stand like this:

  1. Get the truck back from paint
  2. Carpet, paint and trim in the interior.
  3. Drop and recondition the gas tank.
  4. Pull the engine and accessories and clean and paint the engine bay.
  5. Put in the new transmission.
  6. Engine

We’ll see how it goes!



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