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LMC Awesomeness

January 20th, 2012 Comments off

Since I started this project, I’ve spent more than a few bucks at the Long Motor Corporation.  LMC sells just about everything you can imagine for ’73-’87 trucks.  The use lots of exploded views in their catalog too, so if you find your self with a bunch of random parts and no memory of how those parts went together it can be a super handy resource (assuming you don’t have a shop manual – and a lot of times the LMC views are better in my opinion).

Ever since my renewed push a few weeks ago to get this project completed, I’ve put in a lot of orders with them for the various parts I needed.  That included new bumpers, carpet and sound deadening, paint, door trim, seat belts, cab mounts and various other items.  Basically, everything that I have been putting off buying for the last few years.   Apparently, I made them pretty happy because they sent me a hand written thank you card.

I think I’ve crossed the line of no return.

(EDIT: Ok, I just received ANOTHER hand written note that looks exactly the same.  So probably anything over a couple hundred dollars gets ya one.  Still, it’s pretty cool!)

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It’s Coming Like a Storm…

January 18th, 2012 Comments off

So let me give you the skinny in the 15 minutes I have before lunch:

I had sort of given up on the truck.  After the whole thing with the floorpans, I was really bummed.  I felt like it was the death toll on any hopes of ever having decent bodywork done.  Plus I had come to the estimation that to have a decent paint job, I was going to be looking at about $6k.  Add to that the fact that it seemed like no matter what, there was always some mechanical or electrical problem with the thing.

I had decided the best thing to do was sell the truck and get something more reliable and less beat-up looking that could tow.  This meant compromising and getting a SUV (I hate SUVs).  My wife – who is an absolute saint – gave me the green light to get a Toyota FJ.  It meant that my DD wouldn’t get great gas mileage, but it would look pretty cool (IMHO) and be able to tow.

But then I ran into Joe and Bo.  They are actually neighbors that I bumped into while flying RC planes in a field near the house.  Bo is a veteran autobody mechanic and Joe is a hot rodder – they are both incredibly well versed in all things automobile.  Also they are both supremely fantastic human beings and I’m proud to consider them both friends.  I had them look the truck over and it appears that I’ve been doing a lot of panicking for now reason.  Bo quoted me an AMAZING price to do the body work and paint, and Joe and Bo are helping me get everything sorted mechanically.  Just working on it for one evening the thing is running better than it ever has.

The upshot of this is that I will NOT have to buy an SUV.  Getting everything I want done to the truck will cost less than the down payment on a new vehicle (far less) and according to the experts, I will have an extremely mechanically sound and sharp looking ride.  It is funny to me that I had put the restoration on hold for financial reasons and that in the end is allowing me to save a huge amount of cash.

My beautiful wife let me know that the whole time I was considering buying the FJ she was secretly throwing up in her mouth a little because she hates FJs.  The truck (when painted) she has agreed will be a much better fit in the driveway.  She gave me the go ahead to get the parts and whatnot and get moving.  Bo has already gotten new doors for me and painted them so this is for real happening.

I’ll try to do some more posts here in the next little bit that go over the new updates on the gauges, interior work and the new parts I’ve gotten!



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