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LMC Awesomeness

January 20th, 2012

Since I started this project, I’ve spent more than a few bucks at the Long Motor Corporation.  LMC sells just about everything you can imagine for ’73-’87 trucks.  The use lots of exploded views in their catalog too, so if you find your self with a bunch of random parts and no memory of how those parts went together it can be a super handy resource (assuming you don’t have a shop manual – and a lot of times the LMC views are better in my opinion).

Ever since my renewed push a few weeks ago to get this project completed, I’ve put in a lot of orders with them for the various parts I needed.  That included new bumpers, carpet and sound deadening, paint, door trim, seat belts, cab mounts and various other items.  Basically, everything that I have been putting off buying for the last few years.   Apparently, I made them pretty happy because they sent me a hand written thank you card.

I think I’ve crossed the line of no return.

(EDIT: Ok, I just received ANOTHER hand written note that looks exactly the same.  So probably anything over a couple hundred dollars gets ya one.  Still, it’s pretty cool!)

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