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Found a Welder! (Hopefully)

September 11th, 2009 Comments off

Been a while since I posted – but I was getting this new domain set up and my content transferred.

So updates:  Patch panels.  Well, I tried to do a cab corner.  It was really bad:

cabcorner1 cabcorner2

So I decided maybe it was a better idea to have someone do it for me.  Someone who is a little better at welding.  After some digging, I found a shop in Lenoir city that is willing to take a look.  I’m taking it there tomorrow to get a quote.

In other news, I snagged a new lower grille panel (the part behind the bumper – mine was bent quite badly), new headlight fixtures, some more headlight trim, and most importantly an INTACT original grille!  The headlight trim turned out to have a dent in it – so I’m still on the lookout.  But I’m stoaked to have the grille.

I did have a bit of an accident while at the pull-a-part getting all this stuff.  I sat up while under the donor truck and clipped the top of my head on the bumper guard, earning myself a deep gouge and lots of blood.  Fortunately, my fearless brother was on hand and helped me gather up all my stuff and sneak out of there before they noticed – otherwise the day would have been much longer.  We drove home, then over to the clinic and I got it glued up.

bhead bhand

I also got the stereo kind of working.  It needs new speakers – but I ran all new wiring while I was under the dash re-wiring some other disasters the PO left me.  So it has the proper leads, and 16 gauge wire running to the speaker locations.  A new set of 6x9s and some woofers and I’m in business.  I probably need a new head unit.  I got a $50 cheap-o, but it ran all of 1 minute before dying.  So the old one is in it now.

I’m currently finding really really small bits that I can spruce up for something to do.  The big work (paint) is out of my financial reach at the moment- so I’m doing things like painting the ashtray.  Hey – every little bit right?

This weekend I’m going to start taking a look at the dash and see what I can do in the “free” area there too.

EDIT 2014 Update:
Having the welding done by the person I choose ended up being a huge mistake. Should have tackled it myself.

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