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Surgery Begins

December 13th, 2009

The panels are being worked on finally!  I took it in last week with all the replacement panels piled in the bed.  He is doing BOTH rockers and floorpans – so it should run ~$800, which I feel is a really good price.  I saw what he was working on while I was there (it was in primer) and you can tell he is good.  The truck is in good hands!  He is welding them in now and should have it done by Monday or Tuesday.  Very excited!  He sent me some pictures of the teardown with the doors off and whatnot.

You know, I had thought to move on to the interior right away, but now I’m thinking it would be smarter (if conditions allow) to go ahead and tackle the doors.  It would involve getting the air compressor, primer, and gasket set.  And that would be around $600 and then $150 per door.  But it would make the thing a loooot more livable.  And it would decrease the risk that this fresh work will get wet.  Also around the same time, I will have my body expert fix the dent in the driver door (if I give up on the idea of doing it myself!)  and get those awful mirrors swapped out.  Something to chew on.  In the meantime I can dream about what shes going to look like sans rust!

EDIT 2014 Update:
Yeah, the guy had bondo skills. That much is true. In the time that he had my truck though, his drunk helper stole my license plate because his car had no tags and the guy had what I can only assume was a blind ferret weld things together. Total disaster.

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