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So I bought a truck…

July 26th, 2009

I bought a truck today.  Originally, I was saving my spare cash for a ’65 MGB.  But it was starting to look like it might really be a while before I snagged one, so I moved on to Plan B.

Plan B is a 1978 Chevrolet Silverado Fleetside.  It is currently painted-ish black-ish.  The paint was not professionally done, so it is more of a “faux-finish”.  Mostly bumpy.  Think “rustoleum over sandpaper”.

But the engine is nice.  By which it sounds nice (very guteral and manly) and also I have been assured by my truck expert friend that it is a solid engine.  The engine is a rebuild, and is only about 3 years old.  19k or so miles on it.  It has a lot of torque I’ve been told – but I normally drive a Corolla, so I’m not personally a good judge.   I will say that it drives nice!

I’m very glad I bought it.  I think I will enjoy this much more than the MGB in fact.

I bought it on a Saturday (7/25/2009), so the county clerk was closed.  I’ll take it in on Wednesday for registration and to pay my taxes on it (which should be about $50).

I did get a chance to get new tires.  The ones on it were dry rotted.  So I got 4 new 31″ Firestone Destinations.  They look good on it!

I’m going to make a list here for my own reference of all the things left to do on it.  This list will probably span several years, and honestly, most of it I may never do.  But I’d like to.  this is pretty much in the order in which it would need to be done.

– Front end work (tie rod and bushings)  Probably be around $700, but it needs to be done.
– New windshield
– Weld work on rot under drivers side cab
– Weld work/ Replacement of doors (they have some rot)
– Strip and paint (that will cost an arm and a leg)
– New Dash and instrument cluster

A lot to do.  And the list will no doubt grow.  But this truck reminds me of growing up for some reason.  No one in my family ever had one, but I sure remember seeing them around.  It was made the same year I was born, which is part of the reason I like it.  I like the idea of “bringing it back” from the brink as it were.

Plus, it is big.  And it sounds cool.

And it’s black.

And has shiny bits.

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