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Door search

There are really only a few rusty bits on the chevy (considering the age).  There is a bit of rot on the underside of the driver side floor panel.  It will have to have a repair panel welded in place.  There is also rot on the underside of both doors.  The floor panel will be done when I take it in for body work and paint.  The doors are a different matter.

The rust is not the only thing wrong with the doors.  The other major issue is that the driver side vent window has rusted out on the pivot pin.  Reaplcing that window is more expensive than buying a whole new door.  Also, both the door card look like crap.  So I plan on replacing the doors.

Fortunately for me, the door shells didn’t change on the c10 from ’77 to ’87.  That is a whooooooole lot of doors to choose from, some of which are only a little over 20 years old.  So I’m determined to find a set that is just right, and for the right price.  I’m willing to give a little on things like the door card, or what kind of mirrors they have.  I will not wiggle on the color: black.  That will save me oodles of money come paint time (and will at least have it looking reasonable in the meantime).  I also will not wiggle that the windows must be in proper working order.  Finding doors in good nick will cost me just as much as doors in ‘almost there’.  The only difference is time.

I’ve sent emails out to all the pull-a-part places in the area.  I will continue to do so every few weeks.  A set will come along – I’m figuring I will pay around $150 a door.

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