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Harbor Freight

August 1st, 2009

I finally got some tools that I’ve been putting off getting for too long.  All of these are things I can both use on the truck, and on knifemaking.  Amanda says I’m dual-speccing.

First and foremost is the MIG welder.  Got it dirt cheap – $109 instead of $149.  Is it top of the line?  No.  But it will do.  Got a auto darkening helmet to go with it.  I also got a 6″ buffer with a stand – needed that for a long time.  Got an angle grinder and tons of consumables to go with it (that’ll be very necessary for welding stuff).  Got a new 1/2″ ratchet as mine bit the farm this morning.  Also got lots of sandpaper, some welding gloves, and various and sundry other stuff.

You know, harbor freight has some good deals.  The tools are not great – but if you aren’t using them really really heavily, they hold up.


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