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Pull-A-Part Trip

August 1st, 2009

Well it was a moderate success.  Plus it was really a cool trip – very interesting!  That place is HUGE.  They won’t let you take any tools that have batteries or cutting torches, so I was lugging around a huge tool box filled with all my sockets and whatnot.  Fortunately, they give you free use of wheelbarrows.  Our wheelbarrow was crap and squeaked a lot.  I should have taken the camera to get pictures – I will next time.  It would certainly make for some interesting shots.

There were maybe ten or fifteen trucks that were of the correct year range (James has a ’77 and I have a ’78).  Most of those had been there a while and were picked clean.  Anything that looked like it might have had a decent door was doorless.  So I gave it over.  I think I will repair the ones I have if nothing better comes along.  But I did snag quite a few other bits and bobs that will make the truck a bit more livable.

  • New driverside vent window (current one is broken on the bottom and does not open)
  • AC vent for dash bezel (my bezel has no vent – just a hole)
  • New shift indicator assembly (currently, I have no way of knowing which gear I’m in so often I end up in low by accident)
  • New cab trim!  (really excited about that – it would have been a bitch to clean up what is on there now.  And what I found is in fantastic shape.)
  • One right hand headlight bezel – the real kind.  Steel, not plastic.  Still need to find the left hand side.

Things I wish I had found:

  • Stock grille.  I swear every grille there was broken.
  • The other headlight bezel.
  • The center grille trim.
  • Some frikken doors.
  • A new hood for James – his is bent really badly.
  • A stock steering wheel that wasn’t covered in moss.
  • A tailgate in perfect shape. (yeah, right)
  • A cargo light lens.
  • Tail light lenses.

But hey.  I got a bunch of stuff.  And it was only about $40 for the whole lot.  The needle alone will be worth that!  I am going to do some restoration on the vent window before I install it, and I’ll take pictures.

Here are some pictures of some of the finds from today:

Needle, Trim, Air vent.

Needle, Trim, Air vent.

Vent Window

Vent Window

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