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The Great Vacuum Mystery

August 8th, 2009

So my transmission fix didn’t quite do anything.  Color me not surprised.  It still shifts the same – getting up to highway speeds and then shifting down.  I let James ride along to hear it – he says “Oh, that’s just your passing gear.”  Hmmmm….  I am dubious of that.  I’m going to have it serviced – I’m going to get it flushed, and have them install a new pan and gasket and fix the leak on the speedo cable.  I’m figuring I’m in for about $300 of work.

Oh but that isn’t the best part!  My vacuum lines are a complete mess, I come to find out.  In fact, a vacuum issue might be what is behind the tranny problem for all I know.  Here is the situation.  I have no PCV valve.  Plus the line that SHOULD go to the PCV goes to the brake boost.  I got some help from the guys on the forum and got it straightened out I think.

Here are some pics of what I faced…

Overview of engine.

Overview of engine.Passenger SideDriver Side

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