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Shift Indicator, Window Handles, Wipers

August 5th, 2009

I replaced the shift indicator finally.  It was easier than I had expected.  Took of the dash bezel, took off the old indicator, rebuilt it with the needles and spring from the newer one, and put it back on. I had to manufacture a post for the wire that connects the indicator to the shifter – the original post is long ago broken off.  I made it out of some UHMW, so hopefully it won’t snag anytime soon.

I also got new wipers, and new window handles.  I can finally roll my window down without struggling with the knobless stick that I’ve been using.  I also replaced the lock knobs because the ones I had were broken.  Picked up a new air filter, oil filter, gas filter and fresh ATF and oil but I didn’t have time to get to that tonight.  James was working on his truck and we had the place get give us the wrong starter, so we ended up burning a lot of time.  I’ll get to it later.

Old and Bustexd and New Hotness

Old and Busted and New Hotness

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