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Paint Booth

August 3rd, 2009

Lunch finally!

I went ahead and ordered my new body panels – though two of them will not be going on MY truck.  James has graciously agreed to let me to test my hand on his Cheyenne!  I’m grateful for that, as I know practice is the one thing I need, and we have the same body panels.  We will be replacing his floorpan and cab support – two of the same areas I will have to repair on mine.  He is a brave soul….

I also ordered some brushable rust converter and some seal sealer.  (Also I couldn’t help myself and I ordered my tail lenses!)   I figured we’d do the test welding on his truck, then if it works out ok I can head out to Royce’s and do mine there.  Course, that means I’ll have to clean it up and primer it and all – but that’s no big deal.  Hopefully I’ll be an old hand by then and get the welding done quickly leaving time for the other bits.

I also plan on starting one of the doors soon.  Probably the driver side.  I’m going to take it apart, strip it, sand off any rust, treat it with convertor, and then smooth everything out reeeeeealy well.  Then primer it and put it back together.  This is all part of my “Restoration by Attrition” concept.  Work on each peice a bit at the time and get it in top shape (or as close as I can) for paint.  Then when it comes time for paint, all I’ll have to do is a little gapping and some touch up and I’ll be ready to roll!

Doing all that primer though means I need to use real auto primer – which means I need a compressor, a gun, and most importantly – somewhere to paint.  So I’ve designed a little paint booth that I can put up and take down quickly.  I’ll make it out of 2×4’s and 1×2’s and some clear heavy drop-cloth plastic.

This was actually Amanda's idea (when I complained I had nowhere to paint)

This was actually Amanda's idea (when I complained I had nowhere to paint)

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