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Possible Shops

July 28th, 2009

I may possibly have found a lead on some shops!  A friend of the family has some antique cars, and is into the whole scene.  My mom suggested I give him a call, and sure enough he gave me two contacts that he says would be able and more than qualified to do the work.  It sounds like they are just the kind of shop I’m looking for too.

I probably won’t get a chance tomorrow to give them a call, so maybe later in the week.

EDIT 2014 Update:
I ended up not going this route. I did end up trying to have the work done by someone, but in retrospect I should have tackled it myself.

Anytime anyone asks me “I have a project vehicle. Do you know of a place I could take it to for paint and body? Somewhere that will do a great job and not cost an arm and a leg?” I say “That is like me asking you where I can get a good deal on a unicorn that pukes dollar bills and shoots lasers out its eyes. Such a place does not exist. Give up.” Seriously, invest those resources in doing the work yourself. I promise it will be less painful.

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