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Body Work Options

July 30th, 2009

After much discussion with the wife, we’ve nailed down the final decision on the body work.  I am going to take it into the recommended shops for an estimate.  I’m going to ask that the following be done:

  • The interior of the cab and the engine compartment need not be touched.
  • I want the bed stripped properly.
  • I want the rust stopped in it’s tracks.
  • I want the body fixed where need be.
  • I want it painted.

If all that is less than around the 3k mark, I’ll have them do it.  But not if it is going to take more than a couple of months.  And not if they won’t guarantee the estimate in writing.

If I can’t get it done for that, I will invest in the equipment to do it myself.

Full marks for bravery go to my wife – who is awesome.  She is like me in that the important thing is that it be done correctly.  As soon as the truck comes back from the front end work, I’ll start making my calls.

EDIT 2014 Update:
Ok, if you’re at this point in your project let me save you a lot of time and money: do it yourself. You will never ever ever ever find someone who will do paint and body up to your level of expectation without spending an absolute fortune (and spending that fortune doesn’t guarantee you anything anyway). There is no such thing as a “daily driver” paint job that you will be satisfied with. You are far better off spending the money on the proper tools to do your own paint and body. Is it a huge amount of work? Absolutely. Does it take for frikken ever? Oh yeah. And even factoring in that, it is still your best option.

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